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Oct 2, 2020 | Featured Female Foodie

Our September box, All Around the World, has arrived and subscribers are loving the included Stroopwaffels from Stroop Club! Founder and Owner Chantel Piet shares more about her business and being a female entrepreneur in this edition of #FeaturedFemaleFoodie!

Name: Chantal Piët

Business: Stroop Club

How long have you been in business? 4.5 years!

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur? Both my parents are entrepreneurs, so I guess it’s a little in my blood, I ran a business back in The Netherlands as well. When I moved to the US end of 2015 the most logical step was also to start my own business!

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your own business? Being Dutch and new in the US made me start without knowing a single person in the field, in fact, without knowing anyone at all. Starting without any network is very challenging in every way, knowing where to find knowledge, who to work with, where to find partners, how Americans think and buy, where to go… Being foreign and finding my way around rules and regulations in the US also was a lot of work.

What has been the best advice you’ve received from other female entrepreneurs? To just do it and keep on going I guess? It can be frustrating, lonely, sad and hard at times, it’s nice to have other female entrepreneurs around me to vent and to discuss next steps or simply receive a pep talk from.

Who’s a #femalefoodie you admire? Amor Y Queso is Sarah’s handle. She’s the absolute Queen of grazing / snack boards in Dallas. She started during the pandemic and she’s freaking awesome AND creates the best and most delicious snack combo’s… YUmmmm

Guilty Food Pleasure: Kinder Bueno (the soft inside, the crunchy wafer part and the chocolate all around, yummmm)

Your favorite way to enjoy your Stroopwafels? I love my chocolate stroopwafel spread with goat cheese and sprinkled with thyme.

What would you tell other female entrepreneurs looking to start their own business? Create your group, find a network to share and receive knowledge and partners, look for collaborations, don’t do it alone, you’re always stronger together!

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