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Aug 14, 2020 | Featured Box Item, Featured Female Foodie

April 2020 was all about Springtime for our box, which included different food items representative of the fresh, vibrant season. Included was the Strawberry Lavender Elixir from Root Elixers If you’re looking for some delicious artisanal sparkling cocktail mixers, they’ve got you covered! Check out what founder Dominique Gonzales shared with us about her business.

How long have you been in business? Four years

What made you decide to become a female entrepreneur? I’ve always wanted to own a business as a little girl and had a desire to create. I spent ten years working as a bartender, which led me to start Root Elixirs. I took my passion for creating cocktails for guests and brought it to friends and family so they could enjoy at home. Now everyone can create fresh craft cocktails anytime by mixing SODA with SPIRIT.

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your own business? I would say the most challenging part of starting the business was diving into uncharted territory. When I began this small-batch soda company, no one was doing it on such a small scale. There was no road map, and I was continually tracking down bits of information for years.


What has been the best advice you’ve received from other female entrepreneurs? I think one of my favorite things my mentor says is, “What else would we be doing?” For me, entrepreneurship is a way of life, and I’m always seeking a new challenge, trying to fix problems, and bring about new ideas. I’m passionate about creating and I can’t think of much more I’d rather be doing.

Who’s a #femalefoodie you admire? Parma Lakshmi. She’s fun, sexy, talented, a mom, and speaks her mind.

Guilty Food Pleasure: French Fries

What would you tell other female entrepreneurs looking to start their own business in the food/beverage industry? It’s going to be tough, but so are you.

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