InBooze – A New Kind of Cocktail!

Jun 23, 2020 | Featured Female Foodie

Our June box, Cheers to the Summer, has arrived and subscribers are loving the included InBooze cocktail kit! Founder and Owner Ashleigh Evans shares more about her business and being a female entrepreneur in our first edition of #FeaturedFemaleFoodie!

How long have you been in business? 1.5 years

What made you decide to go become a female entrepreneur? I have been a blogger for over 10 years, but I wanted to pivot. It took me a while to figure out what my next move would be, then I started looking at things I love. Since making cocktails has been my “thing” for years, I figured I would love to make something for others to enjoy better cocktails at home. I’ve been infusing booze for over a decade, so I started there! 

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your own business? My business as a blogger was a complete other world than the business world of InBooze. I have to quickly learn as I go about all aspects of InBooze. I’m the marketing manager, I package the kits and shipments, I prep the produce to dehydrate…SO MANY HATS. Managing my time and juggling my family with 4 kids can be hard! 

What has been the best advice you’ve received from other female entrepreneurs? Just do it! I was hesitating to start InBooze…trying to make everything perfect. One of my friends said “JUST DO IT!”. No one knows exactly what is missing, they just see your hard work!

InBooze Cocktail Infusion Kit

Who’s a #femalefoodie you admire? Back in 2013, I started following Stefanie from Sarcastic Cooking and I knew we had to be friends. She is such a hard worker and I love her recipes! We are now good friends and take foodie adventures together, mixing beer and foods from different cities. 

Guilty Food Pleasure: COOKIE DOUGH. Also nachos. You can totally tell if a place is good by their nachos.  

What would you tell other female entrepreneurs looking to start their own business in the food/bev industry? Do your research beforehand! What makes your idea unique? How can you market it? There is SO MUCH out there, you need to stand out! I think you should have control of all aspect of your business when you’re starting, too. Don’t outsource too much, you’ll bleed money.

Check out all the delicious InBooze kits available on her InBooze website and check out her Dash of Evans blog!

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